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seeking in Japan

looking for soulmate

tifanyw    46
Odawara, Kanagawa (6802 Miles)


sk2308    56
Okayama (6971 Miles)

Hello??How do you do?

yuuji    47
Naha, Okinawa (7652 Miles)

I'm loooking for you!

Looking for or
Tokyo (6760 Miles)

.. Mail me to know more ..

AJ69    40
Akashi, Hyogo (6947 Miles)

hi,how are you?

FFbottomDAI    48
Omiya, Saitama (6750 Miles)


skeeveXXX    37
Looking for or
Tokyo (6760 Miles)

i,m just a simple person who looking for a friend here in japan!MillionaireMate

bart192001    38
Looking for or
Ichikawa, Chiba (6754 Miles)

Hi nice to meet u

alf7b    33
Tokyo (6760 Miles)
Online NOW!

i'm japanese

tkps    42
(6760 Miles)

Travelling student

tay_c13    26
Kagoshima (7242 Miles)
Online NOW!

interesting get marriage

junji2    36
Osaka (6932 Miles)

Nice to meet you!!

kenta43    26
(6939 Miles)


Te_dar_prazer    44
Looking for or
Oizumi, Gunma (6733 Miles)

hi dear I like daddy

onegais    35
Looking for or
Ageo, Saitama (6747 Miles)


mine4sex    39
Chiba (6756 Miles)

Hi, there.

shimatch    46
Toyonaka, Osaka (6925 Miles)

i looking for nice girl for relationship or married

janaka110    37
Looking for or
Tokyo (6760 Miles)

An elderly person. A fat person is preference.

pavlov3    39
Tokyo, Tochigi (6760 Miles)

To rial more with a webcam

aobazuku735    69
Tokyo (6760 Miles)

I like Travelling

sheila28    38
Looking for or
Aomori (6422 Miles)

Friends and more in Okinawa

okiboi22    51
Naha, Okinawa (7641 Miles)

How do you do ?

happyhappy55    60
‘åãŽs, Osaka (6932 Miles)

hi,say hello : )

slim4bear    47
Tokyo (6760 Miles)

Gentle guy

Jbear2    49
Osaka (6932 Miles)

asian for hot!

asian4hot    49
Tokyo (6760 Miles)

can i know about u

vstyle    32
Tokyo (6760 Miles)

I'd like to meet someone in Tokyo!

Yukio    36
Tokyo (6760 Miles)

Hello Every one .

Seven25    41
Komaki, Aomori (6875 Miles)
Online NOW!

Money and career .

god3dragon    57
Nishikaizuka, Shizuoka (6871 Miles)

I'm looking 4 a seriouse relationship.

hiroshi0213    52
Kamakura, Kanagawa (6789 Miles)

Looking for friends and funs

hikarugenji    48
Setagaya, Tokyo (6760 Miles)


jasmin20095    51
Tokyo (6777 Miles)

Japanese look for meeting

gam4man    46
Tokyo (6760 Miles)


ryouji22    49
Looking for or
Tokyo (6769 Miles)

Im a person whom you cna trust to love with good in bed hehehehe

rebeultoman    41
Tokyo (6800 Miles)

Hello, I'm Nishi.

Nishi    48
Kodaira City, Tokyo (6765 Miles)


toshi    41
Tokyo (6760 Miles)

Hey,guys! Love to meet hot leatherman.

$bez1:(b, Ibaragi (6724 Miles)

Hentai guy

ilm0806    40
Looking for or
Tokyo (6764 Miles)


Kenken506    60
Kyoto (6905 Miles)
Online NOW!

No need for words

YaoiLover69    31
Tokyo - Edo, Tokyo (6760 Miles)


abemas    50
Tokyo (6770 Miles)

looking for good time

funtime_lover    39
•Ÿ‰ª, Fukuoka (7118 Miles)

Looking for FUN in Yokosuka

Hirosi    57
横須賀, Kanagawa (6787 Miles)

Hi guys, just looking for any respectfull mate around

beblues    51
Tokyo (6760 Miles)

hello to all

doforyou    43
Ikebukuro, Tokyo (6760 Miles)

hi nice to meet you

haseve    43
Kyoto (6905 Miles)

Hello from tokyo !!

masakichidon    47
Yoyogi, Tokyo (6760 Miles)
Online NOW!

I'm looking for friends!

hero20062    35
Hiroshima (7020 Miles)
Online NOW!

hey buddy its me kazuk

nopinopikazu    32
kobe, Hyogo (6939 Miles)

I am looking for nice lady around shiga

yasu2006    50
Looking for or
Shiga (6899 Miles)

looking for nice meeting!

hidde    40
Tokio, Tokyo (6760 Miles)

I'd like to from man to woman.....

jasmin71    49
Itabashi, Tokyo (6760 Miles)


hidetinn    59
Morioka, Iwate (6480 Miles)
Online NOW!


Nipponlove    54
Morioka, Misawa, Iwate (6480 Miles)

i'm nudist

poko_tin    51
Looking for or
Niigata (6642 Miles)

Looking for in Okinawa

mangooobanana    43
Okinawa (7652 Miles)

Im mature engineer from japan

silver1125    71
Looking for or
Matumoto, Nagano (6742 Miles)
Online NOW!


freefeel123    36
Looking for or
Œú‒Ø, Kanagawa (6777 Miles)
Online NOW!